what do you like about my youtube channel

tell me in the commments below what you like and dislike about my youtube channel and what you would like to see in the future I truly appericiate you taking the time to tell me what you think and look forward to creating cerebral palsy family friendly content that you want to watch in future! please subscribe to my channel for updates every tuesday and thumbs up and share so i know what kind of content you would like more of!

I am thankful for my cerebral palsy

I am truly thankful that I have cerebral palsy, I feel like my cap, although it doesn’t define me has certainly shaped my life and the experiences in it. I feel those experiences have offered me the chance to help others and I am grateful to my loyal readers who help make this website and and youtube channel so well rounded you offer me so much enjoyment I love reading your comments

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disability and assistive technology what does this mean in my life

my first experience with assistance technology was some form of archaic communication box whose name I am not even sure of. this communication box was a form of communication that a non verbal classmate used when i was in kindergarten or maybe it was even preschool the point is i was fascinated by the pictorial button board that with the simply push of a button would output a verbal computer generated voice which was horrid even by today’s standards. I was fascinated┬áby the technology so much that the therapists taught me how to use it so in turn i could teach the student would be using this on an ongoing daily basis.

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How the digital age helps people with disabilities

There was a time in history when people with physical disabilities lived a life shut out from society . I’m happy to have grown up in the digital age where regardless of physical limitations beyond my control such as weather doesn’t impact my social interactions, but rather the means in which I engage has changed over the years.

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What I want you to know about what keeps me blogging

I get asked all the time how I come up with my ideas for this blog, I could come up with a glorified answer about feeling a sense of obligation to give the voiceless with cerebral palsy a voice, which for the record is true but the simple answer I love to write. Continue reading