Accessible Tourism California: Santa Monica

I was recently in Los Angeles, California for YouTube conference. I took a couple days either side of the conference to do some sightseeing around the area. I have to say I was vastly impressed by the accessibility of the Southern California. I usually go into situations like this hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. This is because all too often places claim to be accessible, but the reality is that accessibility is simply mediocre. Continue reading

how to direct attendants that don’t know how to cook

One thing that frustrates me is having attendants that don’t know how to cook, well that isn’t exactly true, I enjoy the challenge of giving direction when they can’t cook.  It is annoying that when these attendants go through their college courses to become a personal support worker they learn how to cook special diets but don’t know how to cook the basics.

My recent trip to the dentist

Recently I went to the dentist and learned something about cerebral palsy that never occurred to me. The dental hygienist commented that if she gives me short breaks during the cleaning it goes by faster and she is actually able to do a better job. Continue reading

understanding someone who is non verbal

Imagine you can’t speak or if you do have a few word communication is a slow and frustrating process of people abruptly ending talking to you or perhaps not engaging in conversation at all. Continue reading

standing up against Kanye West

In case you haven’t heard there was an embarrassing scene at one of Kanye West’s recent concerts. The crowd of concert goers was demanded to stand up in order for the concert to proceed. That is when the artist noted a few people not obliging his request and drew unnecessary attention to these poor folk who like everyone else were simply trying to enjoy the concert. He stopped the concert and demanded they stand up, with little regard for why they may not be. One of the singled out spectators was reported to have waved a prosthetic leg the other was confirmed by a bodyguard to be in a wheelchair. Continue reading

parenting a child with special needs a guide from a special needs adult

Although I am not a parent I feel I have a unique perspective on the world of special needs children being that I have cerebral palsy myself.
Simply put treat your child as you would treat any other child, allow them to show you what they are capable of. I know for myself it is far easier to ask for help from others for things that I am perfectly capable of doing for myself. They will truly amaze you!

The impact of cerebral palsy on the brain

I think it is interesting to see how people relate and make sense of things they don’t understand. I grew up with the knowledge of my cerebral palsy. Continue reading

is clothing and shoe shopping a challenge for you?

I don’t know if I am weird, but I truly hate clothes shopping things I like don’t always work because my range of motion makes putting on clothes a challenge. The same is true with me and shoes because  thanks to cerebral palsy I cannot point my toe if my life depended on it. This makes shopping for clothing more of a chore than it is enjoyable. Continue reading