the longest night of my life

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On August 12, 1997, a Tuesday I awoke at some inhuman hour to travel an hour to hospital where  I would receive a left hip osteotomy that day I was render immobile for what was initially to only be a six week stint but ended up being 8 weeks.

This procedure is typically done on children when they are 4-6 somewhere in that age range. I had mine done when I was 11 it was believed that because I was weight baring that the dislocation would correct itself with time, that didn’t happen.  Instead what happened was things became physically more difficult and escalating more painful. So on August 12th I came out of a 4 hour surgery with a suit of armour on. The body cast went from my breast bone to my ankle on the left side and only to the knee on the right side. There was a wooden dowel in between my legs for what I would assume would be stabilization reasons.

I had the surgery on Tuesday the hospital wanted to send me home with a wet cast by Wednesday (the joys of nursing cut backs at the time) My mother convinced them that I at least had to stay until Thursday in hopes that my cast would be remotely dry. It was still wet come Thursday regardless I was discharged. My parents loaded me onto a gurney that given the massiveness of the cast I was spilling out over the sides of.  Getting down to the parking lot was the easy part, once I was down at the parking lot, dad went to get our van which is how I was going home flat on my back with a mattress as my only comfort; that part wasn’t a huge deal the issue came when moving me from the gurney to the van. Wheelchair curb cuts and lack of breaks on the gurney made the transfer a challenge to say the least. Once transferred safely I rode the hour home only to spend that night in some kind of misery. If you have been following the details of this post closely you will have realized that I was released earlier then was originally planned.

What did this mean for me?

It meant I came home before my hospital bed had arrived.  This in turn meant that my first night at home would be spent on an air mattress on the floor not the most comfortable at the best of times but in a body cast? It had to be one of the longest nights of my life. I don’t think I slept much if at all. The next morning the bed arrived as scheduled my older sister and a neighbourhood kid insisted on test driving the hydraulic bed before I got in which made me that much more grumpy.  I finally got settled and spent the next eight weeks there except for some driveway visits that my parents would take me on to help change the scenery every now and again.

13 years later now what?

I am happy to report that that surgery has helped me immensely. I would say I am a human weather centre now and can tell changes in barometric pressure thanks to the hardware holding my leg together but I am also 95% pain free in that hip!

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