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I am a little annoyed, to get in shape at the beginning of summer (june) I went to a local gym that I had heard they  had some adapted fitness equipment. I told them that I may need some help getting onto equipment or what have you and there answer was to have me pay for a personal trainer.

I am on low-income and the trainer tried to tell me it was for my best interest,I am angry because that is BULL SHIT yes health and well-being are important but there fees add up to the total sum of my disability pension cheques for three months!  so, be healthy and get in shape or live reasonably comfortable, you tell me? oh and for the record I eat reasonably healthily its excercise that is the issue which is why I was trying to go to the gym.


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17 Responses to Gym Membership

  1. Kate says:

    Yes, personal trainers can be expensive. I am lucky enough to live in Toronto and go to Variety Village. They offer trainers at a reduced rate for people with disabilities, which is good because I am also on limited income. My issue was more that the personal trainer had no idea what she was doing and so I ended up hurting myself and falling off equipment, which really annoyed me. Physio worked a bit better, but to get that covered you have to go to a rehab hospital. So I found the best answer was to take someone (maybe your attendants would help you?) to the gym with me to assist with getting on and off the equipment. Even at VV, sometimes the staff is otherwise occupied so I find it is good to bring someone along.

  2. Love The Earth says:

    Have you thought about trying to do some traning at home. You can buy small weights and other stuff that you need. I find that it works best for me and you can do it when it works best for you. Plus, you do save money that way.

  3. Kate says:

    For cardio, do you have a public pool near your area? Or a park that will require you to use your strength to push around, so you are breaking a sweat? Also check out this link:

    The article focuses more on strength training, but also has some great ideas for stretching and maintaining flexibility, which is something I personally find difficult!

    Hope this helps :)

  4. lifeofthedifferentlyabled says:

    Kate the problem with outdoor travel is i have issues of depth perception so everything looks
    flat even when its not so i could take a spill before realizing what happened

    thanks for the article i will be sure to give it a read

    • Kate says:

      of course, me too…. but not everyone I know with cp has this problem so I did not want to assume you did :) Anyway, I’ll try some of the exercises and see how it goes for me!

  5. liz says:

    Hmmmm to get cardio one could use what is available to you that is of no cost just like the rest of the world. Maybe using you walker to go up and down the long corriidor in your building or go to the mall and walk(ok that would mean taking your awalker and managing that). I go for walks in my neighbourhood to get cardio and if I lived in a building I coudl use the hallways to get exercise without having to deal with weather. Going back and forth in the hallway in the wheelchair would also improve cardio. Just a thought.

  6. Sarah Tonen says:

    Maybe you could get a DVD like this from the library to try out and see if you like it, then order it if you do.

  7. lifeofthedifferentlyabled says:

    this looks to be another great resource thanks sarah

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