Reflections of the holidays

I am going to contribute to Laura’s Blog for two reasons.  One is that I like to write and the other is that I have a lot to say about being the mother of a head strong young adult who has lived a life of difference. I know that I will be jumping around.  Sometimes I will be current and other times it will be memory.

This holiday season has been one of transition and I am grateful that it has gone as well as it has gone.  Laura chose to stay home and share Christmas with her friend.  Both girls are in wheelchairs but together they have the skills to make daily living work.  I knew that they would be ok when I heard Laura on the phone arranging to get workers visiting our home while we were north sharing Christmas with Laura’s two ninety three year old grandmothers.  We were away for five days.  Good job us!!!
It was kind of bittersweet.  It was wonderful not having to transport Laura into the woods where my mom lives and then out again to visit the grandmother who lives in town.  For the first time in our lives we were not anxious and stressed from doing the physical piece of having Laura share Christmas with us.  For the past few years it has been a family rule that no-one may speak on the fifteen minute drive on Christmas day when we go from one grandmother’s house to the other.  By the time we start the drive into town, my husband and I are usually hurting and grumpy from the weight of getting Laura up the long snow filled drive to the car.
Laura for her part seemed to enjoy the quiet of Christmas without all of the family hoopla.  The girls shared gifts and food and watched movies and they had a good time.  My husband and I were relaxed and could just walk up to the car and go the the next destination without any snarls which have become a part of our family tradition.
Laura is twenty four and I am beginning to get that she really is an adult.  She has started making decisions for herself and we are learning to respect those decisions.  It was a good job for all of us.

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4 Responses to Reflections of the holidays

  1. Adelaide Dupont says:

    Laura’s Mum:

    Great for you to have this Christmas.


    wonderful to spend it with a friend.

  2. TERESA PYREN says:

    Sometimes family means having the space to live free and the silent support to be strong, and a lot of unspoken love. This applies to everyone involved.

    • lifeofthedifferentlyabled says:

      Thanks for the kind words Teresa they mean a lot! Thanks to for being a part of my team for the last several years

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