Shoes and Irish Spring Don’t Mix

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I guess it may have been summer 2010, I’ve lost track of time when this happened. But the point is that it did and it is worth sharing.

I travelled to Buffalo, New York for a day of shopping.  The idea was to find an outfit for my sister’s wedding. 

 Well, before the day of shopping with my friend who at the time was my attendant, could begin we had to eat. We stopped at the Olive Garden. Olive Garden is a restaurant that we no longer have in Canada, so I was excited. It had been years since I had eaten there.  Getting out of the car at the Olive Garden, I bumped the vent that the Irish Spring air freshener was in, sending the liquid filled tiny container to the floor.  Neither of us thought much about this for the rest of the trip. The only issue we had was, the top that I purchased with the intent of wearing at the wedding was left in the change room at a store. This problem was only discovered after we had sat for over an hour at the border crossing.

When I came back to Canada, I turned on my phone again. I had it off for fear of roaming charges from being in an international setting.  Turning my phone on revealed several frantic voice mails from my mother who had tried to reach me to tell me that my purchases had been left in the store’s changing room.  They were able to trace it to me as they were left in their accessible change room I had tried on stuff with the top to trying to match colours. The store had my phone number as I had signed up to get store promotional emails. I had no idea that information could be so useful.

I was lucky the store was able to set my purchases aside and then a friend of my friend was going shopping a few weeks later at the same mall and was able to collect my purchases for me.  So I was able to wear that top to my sister’s wedding.

We get home from our day of shopping and my feet hurt from being cooped up in my shoes all day. Plus it was late and I wanted to get ready for bed.  My mom as usual takes my shoes off, and my brother-in-law and sister spend the next several minutes while I am in the other room getting ready for bed I could hear them trying to figure out what some smell was. I had no idea what they were talking about until we found the source. Remember that air freshener? Apparently my shoe had spent the better part of the day, sitting in a puddle of fluid that was intended to freshen the air.  So, how to get the smell out of a leather shoe? We buried the shoe for a week.  I still wear those shoes and some days you can still smell the Irish spring

Does only else have stories like this? share some stories about summer,it just started to really snow here and we had a green christmas :( with your permission I may post a few stories of  those stories here

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