Tools to Make The Computer Accessible

Alternitives to keyboards

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Keyboards are the transitional way we access the computer, but what if physical limitations due to disability of any sort prevented it?

This post evolved out of a conversation with a friend about accessible online media and finding tools that would make the computer in a general sense accessible.

A lot of the guess work was taken out of the writing of this post because of a wonderful list that I found that listed things I had never heard of.

A lot of the things in the fore-mentioned list were of a hardware nature I wanted to add things some of which are software and some of which are a blend of both.

A blue folding lightweight wheelchair helps remove physical barriers

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  • Kurzweil 3000 is program that reads text back in a computer synthized voice there is highlighting and study tools that all use the audio feedback this is useful for print disabled people. There is also kurzweil 1000 for blind and visually impaired user.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking is a voice recognition software it literally allows you talk and see the words on the screen
  • Eye Gaze is a mouse alternative for people with physically limited arm movement

The barriers of disability aren’t just structural in nature this post proves that there are other barriers in the world- can you think any other forms of barriers I may have missed

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3 Responses to Tools to Make The Computer Accessible

  1. Adelaide Dupont says:

    A funny little story here.

    I was learning how to use Android (it’s a process and quite a trip) when I went to Gallery.

    I clicked the yellow/orange button on the right, and I saw my moving image on the screen.

    I pressed another button to get a still image.

    Now I know nothing about how Android “deletes” things, or if indeed it is stored on a removable disk somewhere.

    So there is definitely an easily accessible camera which could be helpful for videos, webinars as such; if I were that way inclined!

    Now I would love to learn much more about Android and its applications, as it could do some very good things.

    So there are applications, six in each row, and there are about 4 rows.

  2. lifeofthedifferentlyabled says:

    interesting, I know nothing about Android

  3. Danielle says:


    I have used Kurzweil before and another great one that is similar (with various features) is Premier Tools.


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