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Remember how I was talking about the hard drive I bought? Usually, I have this idea of what meaningful posts are to you all and tonight I will admit that I am not satisfied with my own work – as I sit here typing this post it is past my self-made nightly deadline.  But, I wanted to tell you all a story.

You will remember my post from yesterday talking about electronic filing and backing up my machine? Well, my best intentions got away on me and I never did pull that hard drive from the shelf.  I am telling you this because as luck or fate would have it. I wandered away from my laptop and came back and took it out of stand by only to discover that the display driver had stopped working! Oh I forgot to mention at this point I hadn’t yet backed it up.  So I shut it down and turned it back on and it appears luck was on my side as the computer is working as normal and all is well
The lesson I give to you all is don’t wait weeks to use the portable hard drive as I did because sure enough something like this will happen! You will be happy to note that I took the display driver issue as my cue to officially back up my machine so if it decides to crash on me (its an older laptop) I won’t have lost the several thousand pictures I had stored. If there is anything you can take from this post is back up your hard drive I have lost photos before when another computer had it’s hard drive fail and when pictures are memories that last a lifetime why would you not want to back them up?
so, consider this post a friendly reminder to go backup your hard drive

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hard drive backups learn from this story — 5 Comments

  1. Love my external hard drive too. When I was doing my thesis I had a panic attack where I thought I almost lost all my work, and like you I was reluctant to set up the hard drive for the longest time or just let time get away from me and did not get around to it. Anyway, also like you I had a big scare where I thought my computer was broken and I had lost everything, but luck was on my side too, and I had everything there. I had thought the backup process would take a long time and was amazed by how quick it was.

  2. You could always go with Google Docs for filing things so that you don’t have to worry about backup as much.

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