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shopping with a mobility device

When you go shopping how do you manage? I mean yes you can hang bags off your chair or walker but how do you manage when it is a big ticket item. In other words, it is something too big … Continue reading

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Living your Passion

When I look back at the birth of this blog I can’t help but see how far I have come this isn’t to say it wasn’t without struggle, and the reality is a hobby can grow into a passion.  if … Continue reading

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A day in the life of a wheelchair user

It was recently brought to my attention that people were curious to experience what life was like from a wheelchair. My personal opinion is that those simulation is beneficial but I feel like the best impact would be that of … Continue reading

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remember we are all individuals

Perception is a weird thing.  Growing up my peers struggled to understand how me there classmate with a physical disability was in mainstream classes. I think this came in part because there was a program for students who had what … Continue reading

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Adjustment Period Required for New Equipment

  Like many, I don’t always enjoy the adjustment period required when you get new equipment. Adjusting to a new piece of equipment is sometimes overlooked.Even with a new wheelchair despite often having a trial period with a chair that … Continue reading

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back online

i have my computer back and functional the mystery as to what happened remains as they tested it and it showed no issues… if you like my content why not help me out by joining my mailing list its free

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blogging from my smartphone

So my power source or battery in my laptop is having an issue so I’m posting this from my phone hopefully I will be able to get the problem resolved quickly as usual more from me tomorrow if you like … Continue reading

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long weekend

I don’t know what to write about today so I am going to keep this short as I am typing this I am watching Victoria day fireworks light up the sky. if you like my content why not help me … Continue reading

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finding the answer that may surprise you

A few days ago I asked the question about startle reflex and if it impacts everyone and I got some mixed reviews in terms of opinion for answers but it left me and I am sure others with what I … Continue reading

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