2 amazing keys to improving social relationships

Social relationships can be a challenge for everyone, I think that one of the hardest things about having a physical disability, is that it is visible. The harsh reality of society, is that it is the norm for most consciously or not to shy away from things that are perceived as different. In the case of people with a physical disability that would be their mobility equipment.

Social Relationships, Disability and Invisibility

How do you then overcome this natural sense of invisibility? I can only speak to the things that have worked for me but they have just that, worked for me.

Giving Back to Others

I have learned that I feel less invisible and thus feel a sense of improvement in terms of social relationships when I give back to others. For years I volunteered at a nursing home, visiting elderly folks who generally didn’t have family in the area. Truth is it was beneficial to both of us. I learned a lot about humanity by listening to their stories and personal histories and in turn giving something back to the community

Finding an Online Community

When I was a teenager, I discovered and turn to ability online. For those of you that don’t know what ability online is, I invite you to read this previous post dedicated to it. By logging on to ability online I found people like me: children, teenagers, adults, parents, and professionals who for some reason found common interest in the community that is ability online. For me as a teenager that meant other teens who for one reason or another, disability or illness found themselves socially isolated, and it was this initially brought us together. Because of the online platform, it didn’t matter how person looked, or how they communicated all that was eliminated and allowed you to truly get to know people for who they are: people first disability second.

These are just two ways I have personally found to be effective in improving social relationships I am interested in knowing your thoughts on this subject


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Laura Forde founded her blog through my eyes: my life with cerebral palsy in December 2009 out of a great need she had, realizing that there was a vast gap in firsthand accounts of what life was like living with Cerebral Palsy: she knew then that the only way to see this reflected online was to create the change herself and thus this blog was born Laura was born four months premature, weighing a mere one pound three ounces and given ten percent odds for survival. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of three. After graduating from college, she continued writing and doing what she loves to do most; speaking to groups about her life experiences and sharing what she has learned from her journey. Her blog lifeofthedifferentlyabled was created after discovering that the online community lacked the voice of people in her situation. In its first year, the site saw over 20,000 hits from all over the world. Her readers are from all walks of life; some with disabilities, parents of children, professionals, and others who seek to gain a better understanding of the world of the differently abled. You can follow her on Twitter or Facebook
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