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Do you have a bad back? Or do you simply hate kneeling to do yard work?  Is it in possible that you simply can’t do these things?  Being that it is spring I have decided to write on the topic of gardening, that being said I do not know much about the subject. I feel it is important to talk about subjects that may be related to life with a physical disability because although it may not impact me directly, it is my hope that my insights may help others in the end.

So how do you enjoy a garden when you’re not able to access one? Sure you can enjoy the beauty of it simply by observing it. But I guess what I am trying to say is how do you engage with nature how do you get your hands into that soil. If that is something you desire, when tasks of daily living seem to be laborious?

I guess it comes down to like everything in my life and learning to adapt.  As with anything in my life its about adapting. So, it should come as no surprise that to accomplish a task that isn’t in it’s basic form set up for life in a wheelchair

Suggestions for adapting for to gardening a physical disability

First I think you need to recognize your abilities? Do you have limited use of your hands? Maybe having the grip changed on your gardening tools would help.  Raising the beds is also a good option for people with limited mobility why not make your life easier and bring your work closer to you?

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