being independent: a look at high school and college

300px Saunders Secondary School being independent: a look at high school and college

Saunders Secondary School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

this is part two in a two part series part one is found here

when i think of high school and college i see this time as a time of self growth and how I became independent. Up until now school was a lot for me about observation I sat and watched the world around me go by

.In secondary school my parents and I made the decision that I would attend the school in the next district over from where we lived. This was because the supports at that school were put in place and by this I mean there was enough support staff that I could use the washroom whenever I needed to not on others schedules.

By the end of high school I had gained enough independence and confidence in my balance to use the washroom totally independently this meant that I would be independent for the first time in my school career, at college.

in college it was refreshing for the first time ever I was independent no longer did I require the supports of an educational assistant to get through my school day now I could go about my day almost forgetting the form of movement I used was different then my peers.

I became independent in school by gaining confidence and using the supports that the school offered. In high school I felt like I was independent by using the supports available to me but I didn’t feel what it was like to be truly independent until college

 being independent: a look at high school and college

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pixel being independent: a look at high school and college

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