Everyday things that can be a challenge with cerebral palsy

English: Spoon

English: Spoon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not all of the things that I am going to talk about here are an issue for me personally but I know for others with cerebral palsy the can be so I thought I would write this post.


Issues surrounding dressing

I know that for myself although I can usually do up buttons on a shirt I often where possible like to avoid them at all costs.  This is because issues of fine motor skills and dexterity play a role in why this is so difficult.  To simulate this: try buttoning up a dress shirt with a pair of oven mitts on.


I have friends who find it a challenge to grip things. Especially forks spoons drinking glasses, this can be solved by changing or adding a grip to these objects, thus making it easier to hold.  I have a few friends who have found reusable cups with straws that allow them to drink without having to bring it to up to their mouths to be useful also.

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