Feel free to ask questions about cerebral palsy

I struggle to understand why people worry that they will offend me by asking questions. Rest assured that I started this blog as a resource and I am happy to answer questions.  However if on the off chance I am not comfortable I will be upfront or if I don’t have the information I will happily assist in pointing you in the right direction. 

Now I have a question for all of what would you like to know about cerebral palsy.  I take it for granted that my life in most respects is “normal” what is normal anyway? That being said cerebral palsy certainly has shaped how I relate to the world around me and quite possibly my reactions to situations also.

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Feel free to ask questions about cerebral palsy — 2 Comments

  1. Hi. I have a relative with cerebral palsy who really tries to speak, but has a hard time getting people to understand what she’s saying. It’s really frustrating from both ends of the conversation, I’m sure. I was wondering if maybe there was something I could do to make it easier for her to communicate with us. Thank you.

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