getting ready to move out into your own house

English: The Roberts-Taylor-Isbell House, at 9...

English: The Roberts-Taylor-Isbell House, at 910 Government Street in Mobile, Alabama. Built in 1854. Also called the Joel Abbot Roberts House. It is included as a contributing building in the Oakleigh Garden Historic District. The twenty-room, seven-bathroom structure is the Oakleigh District’s second oldest residence, after the Oakleigh mansion. It contains more original furnishings than any other antebellum home in Mobile, heirlooms of the three related families who have owned it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you considered, or have you been considering moving out on your own? Are you prepared to make the transition?

I did this very thing almost 2 years ago. I have some advice from our experience with this process. Make sure you give yourself ample time when looking for a place. Especially, if you’re looking for a wheelchair accessible one. My roommate and I ended up in a non-accessible apartment but it fully meet their needs regardless. So don’t assume you need a fully accessible unit when something else could do the trick.

That being said, it still took us almost a year to find one that would suit our needs. You may be wondering why it took so long especially when we were waiting on an accessible unit. The main issue we ran into was finding an apartment with wide enough bathroom doors. Generally speaking, bathroom doors are narrower than bedroom ones so improved more often than not to be an issue of whether we could get into the bathroom or not. Also, when we could get into the bathroom we were unable to turn around. We got lucky, not only did the bathroom in our apartment have a wide enough door but it was also large enough for us to turn around in.

Despite our kitchen being not accessible we have attendants come in who batch cook for us. We also make sure we have a small supply of frozen items that we were able to heat on the off chance that an attendant is sick and we need a backup plan.

I am interested in knowing what people’s concerns are with regards to transitioning into adulthood? If you have any other questions you would like to ask. Let me know in the comments below

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