Perception is skin deep

I have been thinking a lot about one’s perception lately. Then someone posted this youtube video and it made me rethink things that honestly one’s perception are simply skin deep. Think about it you make judgments when you first meet someone. When I am out and people ask me what I do I reply that I work for myself the look of shock on people’s face continually makes me laugh they are shocked before they even know what I do. Then when I tell them I am a blogger (and sometimes explain what that means. ) people again seem amazed which often really makes me laugh later.

You may be wondering why I would laugh

I laugh because honestly anyone can be a blogger. Anyone can do what I do. You just have to enjoy it enough to stick with it. The internet is not a get rich quick scheme – anyone who tries to tell you so, is irresponsible. You can read the post I wrote about my responsibility as a blogger. I don’t think that my physical ability or perceived lack thereof should reflect on my professional ability. I mean I know I write about my disability but aside from the topic of choice I don’t understand why people find my profession so impressive?

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