sandals and cerebral palsy:how I overcome sensitive feet

Do you struggle to wear sandals because of your cerebral palsy? This is just one follow-up post to bare feet and cerebral palsy. That post in itself sparked a lot of emails and discussion so I thought I would write this post.

My personal experience with sandals

Sandals haven’t always been something that I have worn nor was it something my body took kindly to in the early days.  It was an adjustment period just to simply stand I suspect that this was due to my feet sensitivity.

Needless to say I slowly adjusted little by little to this new thing and now I am in my bare feet. Someone asked if I still have some feet sensitivity. The only issue is that  I don’t like things between my toes so it makes drying between them an issue. Also I have noticed in my bare feet and sandals I tend to roll my ankles less then I do in my shoes

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sandals and cerebral palsy:how I overcome sensitive feet — 2 Comments

  1. My little girl with CP, 5, likes to wear sandals. I guess because I determined when she was in braces the first summer that she was going to be ABLE to wear them and fashioned a pair about her braces, including cutting toes off socks. Thankfully for her she still likes that as well as going barefoot. (It’s hard to sometimes get her into her shoes/braces in the mornings as a result!) Although she has sensitive feet, I think starting younger to add different experiences or sensations, has made a difference.

  2. Hi Lisa your comment is intriguing to me what type of sandal does your daughter wear? I personally prefer a sport sandal with a heal strap and straps across the top of the foot this seems to offer me the best support in a sandal

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