surprising observations about sleep and startle reflex in adults

Bruiser sleeping

Bruiser sleeping (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently was asked about sleep and startle reflex in adults. Although this is an interesting topic in itself, I am not sure it is totally accurate. Let me explain why I would like to open this up to the idea that startle reflex or more technically called moro reflex it is not simply subject to the adults of the world. Throughout this post I may use startle reflex and moro reflex interchangeably


Yes, for me it is normal to startle in my sleep if you are having vivid dreams I suspect then that the items listed below appear in your dreams and thus I startle. I know this because sometimes said startle actually wakes me up generally I am not scared when I wake I simply think oh I am awake I must have startled and generally fall asleep again quickly


We all I have experience with startle reflex, this is a normal part of the development in infants the difference is that most of you lose this reflex before you are old enough to be even aware of it. A common thing with cerebral palsy is that we never lose the moro reflex, I am not sure why this is but it appears to be common in cerebral palsy.


For me, I often startle more when something is:


  1. unexpected
  2. expecting it but there is a sense of delay and then because it becomes unexpected
  3. noise level (loud and unexpected means I am more likely to startle)


So I don’t think this is strictly an adult issue but merely a quirk in cerebral palsy


Do you startle in your sleep?


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3 Responses to surprising observations about sleep and startle reflex in adults

  1. rose marie says:

    I am most startled when unexpected happens. and noise most times loud.

  2. justlittlecajunme says:

    I don’t think i startle in my sleep. I just startle when Hubby comes up behind me all of a sudden.

  3. rakesh says:

    My son is 18 yrs old.since three months time he is suffering from startel effect.he is having shoulder jirk as well legs big jerk after each two minutes whole this a desease .should i consult neuro

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