the one thing I miss from childhood


Three rubber ducks in foam bath (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know this is a strange thing to miss but I really do and I feel like it ties in well to yesterdays post so I thought I would share it. The basic concept of taking a bubble bath, strange yes I know but I thought it was worth sharing and here’s why

When I hit a certain age showering just became faster and more convenient. But I don’t know about you there is something about a bath that truly impacts my tight muscles in a way that a shower can not do. The hot water acts as a natural  muscle relaxant in a way that the shower simply can not do, I am not sure what the difference is but I feel like there is one.

for those of you interested this is the exact shower bench (amazon affiliate) that I use and have used for years without issue

Do you find that a bath helps to relax your tight muscles or what works for you?


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the one thing I miss from childhood — 2 Comments

  1. I prefer a shower; I have arthritis in the hips & knees and I’ve been told soaking in a bath relieves joint pain. The truth is I find it too hard to get out of the tub besides I don’t like being submerged in water; I don’t even like swimming but I may take it up because it is a gentler exercise that most.

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