The sims 4

Electronic arts announced yesterday (may 6) that they are working on the fourth installment of the super popular simulation game the sims. 

The sims for those of you that don’t know is basically a  world of little people whose lives and actions are at your every decision.  The franchise which started in 2000 has seen the focus go being on a single sim house and the lives of those living in it to an open neighborhood where if something happens to your sim it can have an impact on those living across town and you can visit several areas in town.

This is my favorite computer game as its never the same, things are unexpected and realistic enough that you find yourself making your sims do things that you would never dare in real life just to see what the outcome may be. You play out their lives, careers and families and can see this evolve over several generations.  From what I can tell the game is never ending unless all your sims happen to die.  Yes there is genetics at play here as well. If your interested in getting a feel for the game you can try sims 3 it’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!1

With the sims 4 I would like

  • The ability to have sims live life from a wheelchair (as this would more accurately reflect my life)
  • The ability to make your own world maps
  • Want to have my sims make and sell things
  • Weather in the base game (more realistic that way)
  • More than one 64×64 lot in the main map (sunset valley equivalent)
  • Have stuff that happen in generation one if it would naturally have an impact on future generations then make it so it does


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