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Making the Big Picture More Manageable

One’s beliefs and self-doubts can either inspire or inhibit them. Recently, I was reading a blog post posted on The post talked about the concept of thinking big. I am probably the first to admit that when looking at … Continue reading

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Understanding Cerebral Palsy: What Startle Reflex Really Means

.You know when a sudden noise causes an infant to jump out of their skin? That is moro reflex. This, as I understand it is a reflex that is normally lost as children grow, but this is a reflex that … Continue reading

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the frusteration of disability

I don’t like to be negative but honestly sometimes having a disability frustrates me. This seems somewhat funny, because frankly this is all I have known. I don’t know what it is like to do things without some form of … Continue reading

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if you recieve email updates from me please read

if you have been receiving emails from me when I update my blog I am migrating my email service so if you do not want to be added to the new system please simply send me an email at … Continue reading

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Adapting: seeing beyond disability to your true ability

I am sure like me, if you have a disability: you have struggled at one time or another to see your abilities because it is foreshadowed with self-doubt and thinking I am sick of adapting because of my disability. if … Continue reading

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dating with cerebral palsy a reflection

Note from Laura: This is a guest post from a friend I have known offline for years he asked if he could write this post after reading the post on online dating and cerebral palsy if you like my content … Continue reading

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What are children with cerebral palsy capable of doing?

I have had a lot of people coming to my site wondering what people with cerebral palsy are capable of doing. As much as I respect where the interest in this topic comes from and I don’t know what people … Continue reading

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I am simply sick of snow

With six more weeks of winter, I can’t help but start to think of the warmer days of summer. But then it occurred to me that many of us, like myself find the beach a challenge to access – especially … Continue reading

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