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you asked how i blog

I’ve had a lot of questions recently, about how I blog. And at first I thought this was a strange question, but I do my best answer your readers questions as they come in. I’m not really sure what the … Continue reading

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How a Difficult Life Passage Taught Me an Important Life Lesson

This is a  guest post by don karps Everyone experiences their own hero’s journey and dark night of the soul. The content varies from person to person. By observing with awareness, more universal life lessons emerge. I am going to describe a … Continue reading

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recovering from surgery

Hi all I apologize that I forgot to schedule Mondays post it was a guest post that I have now moved to Friday.I am in the process of recovering from abondomal surgery, that will allow me to do my dialysis … Continue reading

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childhood perception why can’t we have these discussions?

I can’t remember when I first realized I was “different” but it was definately around the time I entered mainstream school, you see the kids I grew up with in the neighbourhood had grown up around my family so to … Continue reading

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3 important pieces of advice I have to give you about cerebral palsy

I want to make a braod assumption for the moment you came to this blog looking for some insight into life with cerebral palsy. I have a few reminders as adult with cerebral palsy if you like my content why … Continue reading

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why sitting in the w position is bad for you

I think it you have cerebral palsy most likely you are familiar with the w position and chances are you may have even sat in one before. if you like my content why not help me out by joining my … Continue reading

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Heres why living with cerebral palsy is awesome

When I think about my life and the impact of having cerebral palsy I have been asked if I could take a magic pill or something and be cured of my cerebral palsy and honestly the answer was if I … Continue reading

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