does having cerebral palsy hurt

Often I get asked if cerebral palsy hurts. There are honestly two sides to this coin, and in this post I am going to do my best to answer both sides of the question as it relates to my own life.

Moments when it hurts

I think it’s different for every person, so I can only speak for myself here but I have noticed that weather impacts me greatly especially when it is winter and cold outside. Recently since my kidney failure I have wondered if my muscles hurt when my body is retaining fluid, this however is only my personal thoughts and not based in fact of any sort.


I get asked all the time if having cerebral palsy hurt; the answer is sometimes. It depends on how your cerebral palsy impacts you. Let me further explain, spasticity is honestly a pain no pun intended.

When it does not hurt

Again, this is only speaking to me and my experience with cerebral palsy. The main time I am aware of the spasticity is weather related in heat I feel great, I really should live in California or Florida or somewhere warm because I have very little if any discomfort from my cerebral palsy.

Although the solutions I am about to suggest have worked for me that does not mean that it will work for you so it’s a matter of trial and error here

A few ideas that have ended up working for me

  • heat as in say sleeping with a hot water bottle in your bed can help your muscles relax
  • this one seems odd to me but I have noted over the years that swimming actually helps relax my muscles making me more comfortable in the end

So I think it’s safe to say that sure there are physically uncomfortable but for the most part it’s not that annoying but I am curious if you feel the same about heat and swimming or if you have other suggestions, let’s talk about it in the comments below


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4 Responses to does having cerebral palsy hurt

  1. I agree with what you said about everybody’s different. So asking someone if cp hurts doesn’t answer for everyone. As for me I always had a high tolerance for pain, I don’t know if that’s cp related. Having said that, I do experience pain or discomfort as I call it. The last time I felt pain was a sharp pain when my rib broke almost two years ago however, I think anyone would feel a rib break. I, on the other hand only felt the pain of it break, after that I felt no pain. I’ve broken other bones that I have not felt yet when the limb turns purple, I have to go to the doctors to see what happened. Walking is the only indication that I have cp and it is not painful. If I fall and injure myself, I sometimes don’t know I skinned my knee until I get home or it bleeds so much I can see it through the pants. So, I can answer the question “does cp hurt” yet I will only be answering it for me and my experience. If one wants to know if cp hurts, ask because everyone is different.

  2. Crip Video says:

    CP is not painful for me and my docs have told me this is because I move my body a lot which naturally reduces spasticity. Sometimes I have knee issues but that is from my surgery not CP directly.

  3. Katherine says:

    Spasticity is an issue for me. I agree cold weather makes pain worse. Hot water bottles help. I have very bad circulation

  4. Liz says:

    Thank you for posting this. My sister had severe cp and was unable to talk for her entire life. She died at 29. She was born only a little over a year after me so I never knew life without her. I always wanted to know everything that she felt, everything she was thinking…and the pain that I saw her in affected me deeply. I wished I could take her pain and give it to myself. I would have done this willingly and happily. Even to this day I know that I was always so much weaker than her in almost every way. She gave me all of the strength and love I have had in my life. She, although disabled and unable to walk or talk, saved me. And although she is now gone, continues to save me. I appreciate your comments and expression, more than I can express. It brings me comfort and healing and understanding.

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