how my stroke impacted me

I wrote recently about the health issues I have been recovering from. If you have no idea what I am talking about you can read about it here.

At some point I had a stroke they aren’t even sure when I can therefore only assume it was in the midst of the chaos that was going on in my body. I have been asked recently here on the blog how the stroke impacted me, and I wanted to take this time to address your questions.
When I woke up from my coma my speech was slurred, honestly I sounded drunk. The hospital staff was excited that I was awake and talking, I on the other hand was super frustrated. You see at the time they thought it was my normal speech the by product of my cerebral palsy. My mom finally told them that I was in fact frustrated and so they did an MRI which is when they found the stroke.
The stroke is in the same part of the brain as my cerebral palsy and my speech came back to its normal state in approximately two days. Today I honestly can’t tell whats cerebral palsy related and whats stroke related.

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Laura Forde founded her blog through my eyes: my life with cerebral palsy in December 2009 out of a great need she had, realizing that there was a vast gap in firsthand accounts of what life was like living with Cerebral Palsy: she knew then that the only way to see this reflected online was to create the change herself and thus this blog was born Laura was born four months premature, weighing a mere one pound three ounces and given ten percent odds for survival. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of three. After graduating from college, she continued writing and doing what she loves to do most; speaking to groups about her life experiences and sharing what she has learned from her journey. Her blog lifeofthedifferentlyabled was created after discovering that the online community lacked the voice of people in her situation. In its first year, the site saw over 20,000 hits from all over the world. Her readers are from all walks of life; some with disabilities, parents of children, professionals, and others who seek to gain a better understanding of the world of the differently abled. You can follow her on Twitter or Facebook
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4 Responses to how my stroke impacted me

  1. Crip Video says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing! Have your CP symptoms gotten quote on quote “worse” since the stroke? How can they tell on the MRI what is CP and what is stroke? Wouldn’t the damage look about the same? i.e the lesion(s)?

  2. Sudha Rani says:

    Hi Laura
    I am really impressed by your attitude to take things positively. In times of chaos and personal stress, taking things positively will be really hard for most of the people. Positive thinking and hope are the two main aspects which differentiates success from failure. Posting your experiences and feelings can provide a positive radiance in your readers, it helps health professionals and individuals with cerebral palsy to gain confidence and hope to achieve their goals, atleast one day at a time. I think it would be more helpful if you can share your experiences regarding how you managed your stroke (after getting out of hospital), how and why you want to continue this blogging, what steps are you taking to improve your condition (both physiologically and psychologically).

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