how to be consistant and not burn out as a blogger

  • are you looking to blog or start a youtube channel or some other means
    of working online as a means to bring in some extra cash? I want to tell
    you I have some ideas but it doesn’t come without a lot of hard work on
    your part
    I have been asked a lot how i stay so consistant on this blog and
    honestly it has been done with trial and error over the last ten years
    of blogging. I have a few tips that help look consistant but still live not chained to my computer.
    if you are formiliar with the idea of social queue then you will love
    meet edgar unlike other tools that create a social queue such as
    bufferapp meet edgar saves the items so they only have to be added once
    and it is saved to be reused at a later date. items are added to the
    libarary and then automagically cycles through only republishing content
    once its used the whole category so the more you add the longer it takes
    to recycle your content

    coschedule is a editorial calendar that helps me stay on track it helps
    by offering a visual way to see whats going on on the blog and it acts
    as a way to plan ahead

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