living with limited abilities

living with limited abilities

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When i woke up from my coma i realized i took my abilities for granted before i got sick.

When i was unconscious for 5 days clearly i was completely unaware of how weak i would be in a physical sense. It simply didn’t occur to me that i was totally not moving for those five days so when i woke up and tried to feed myself i simply couldn’t. I literally couldn’t put a spoon up to my mouth on that first day at least. I had to literally rebuild all my muscles and relearn to do basic things like lifting a spoon to my mouth.

everyones abilities are different and i guess before i got sick i always took my abilites for granted so i want to know what you take for granted in your life let me know in the comments below


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  1. Crip Video says:

    As a person with CP I take my ability to walk,feed myself for granted etc and when I met somebody who became disabled in his middle age I realized how much I took for granted as I watched him try his hardest to regain an independent life. When I was a teenager I also took one of my friends for granted and when she almost died I vowed never to take any of my friends for granted again. Very good blog post. Thanks!

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