my journey into kidney failure

Hi all I have been reluctant to write about this

as I worry that I will scare people. In late September I was found unresponsive and taken to hospital where I woke up five days later without a clue as to what had happened as far as I know to date they don’t know what caused any of this but I had a sespsis infection survived a stroke and kidneys have failed. As I said before they don’t know what has caused any of it. I just want to say I am truly comforted by blogging and sorry I can’t post videos consistently right now obviously I am not allowed to film in the hospital and that’s when I do a lot of the typing of these blog posts. Thank you again for support!

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Laura Forde founded her blog through my eyes: my life with cerebral palsy in December 2009 out of a great need she had, realizing that there was a vast gap in firsthand accounts of what life was like living with Cerebral Palsy: she knew then that the only way to see this reflected online was to create the change herself and thus this blog was born Laura was born four months premature, weighing a mere one pound three ounces and given ten percent odds for survival. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of three. After graduating from college, she continued writing and doing what she loves to do most; speaking to groups about her life experiences and sharing what she has learned from her journey. Her blog lifeofthedifferentlyabled was created after discovering that the online community lacked the voice of people in her situation. In its first year, the site saw over 20,000 hits from all over the world. Her readers are from all walks of life; some with disabilities, parents of children, professionals, and others who seek to gain a better understanding of the world of the differently abled. You can follow her on Twitter or Facebook
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2 Responses to my journey into kidney failure

  1. Crip Video says:

    Is this a guest post? I’m so sorry you had a stroke! I know someone who had a stroke. It all seemed to happen very suddenly. It didn’t seem possible for it to happen to him. He’s alive thank god. Even though I was horrified this man I knew had a stroke he was so open and honest about how the stroke happened and what parts of his brain were effected that I ended up learning so much more than I ever thought I would! Most importantly I learned that the stroke had not changed who he was as a person. He is the exact same person we love, he just needs more help physically sometimes. His explanations allayed my fears. People are going to be afraid but communication is the only thing that will help with the fear. He gave me a great gift by sharing with me and you have given the viewers of this blog a gift by sharing this post with us. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! What part of your brain does the stroke effect? My friend who had the stroke sometimes suffers dizzy spells. Do you have dizzy spells too??? Just asking because I was really curious as to why some strokes lead to dizziness as a side effect. Here’s some good links about stroke that may help you that I found when trying to help my friend Let me know if you want to know more? I’m so sorry about the kidney failure too! The only condition that causes both stroke and kidney failure that I know of, is diabetes.

  2. Lisa Landry says:

    Wow, I am so sorry about your health issues. I hope you get well soon. Thoughts and prayers!

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