why sitting in the w position is bad for you

I think it you have cerebral palsy most likely you are familiar with the w position and chances are you may have even sat in one before.

If you aren’t, the w position or sitting in a w refers to sitting position that is horribly bad for your hips, and typically children with cerebral palsy like to sit in it. Don’t ask me why that is but I was one of those kids back in the day that chose to sit in the W when sitting on the floor. The reason I think this is or at least for me was that it offered the most functional stability when on the floor.
I don’t really know what else to say other then since I had my hip reconstructed I am unable to sit in this position. Do your kids sit in a w position?


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2 Responses to why sitting in the w position is bad for you

  1. Crip Video says:

    I used to sit in it. After my tendon release for spasticity I was physically incapable of sitting W. PTs and docs hate W sitting because it is bad alignment and can push the hip out of the socket in some with CP.

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