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I’ve had a lot of questions recently, about how I blog. And at first I thought this was a strange question, but I do my best answer your readers questions as they come in. I’m not really sure what the reader is asking when they ask me how I blog. So I will do my best to make sense of the question. It sounds to me like your question really being asked here is how I stay consistent with my blogging efforts. I try to stay ahead of schedule because I get immense enjoyment out of simply writing to help others. Obviously, because life gets in the way your best plans don’t always work. But I tried to plan everything out on a schedule ahead of time. By planting at a time I don’t run into writer’s block because I have an idea of what I want to write. Sure, that idea doesn’t always turn into the finished written piece, but it’s at least a starting point , and because I’m not staring at a blank screen with a deadline looming it surprisingly helps , I at least have a starting point. I also tend to plan my blog posts and videos, plotting them on a calendar so that it helps me stay ahead of schedule and make sure that I haven’t posted one week to the next about the same topic. It helps me plan out ideas and brainstorm ahead of time.

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  1. Hi Laura, I love your blog. Thanks for all your posts. I too have CP and I also have hydrocephalus. I use the same technique as you. I am very glad I found your blog.

  2. Kathy Jo Pink says:

    How do you know what URL you tell people to go to?

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