My life changing news

I am honestly not sure how to articulate this post. So please bear with me, as I sort through the jumbled thoughts into a clear piece of writing. This is hard to do at the best of times, but when you have something this important yet sensitive you need to convey it makes blogging that much more of a challenge.

at the end of June, I received the call that would change my life forever, there was a kidney available after a lot of waiting at the hospital that day I had a kidney transplant the long and short of it now is that I feel wonderful, literally the best I have in years, I don’t think I actually realized how sick I was the whole thing was so gradual and it all became my new normal now I feel like that period of my ;life was sort of on pause in limbo.

I wanted to let you all know just in case the blog posts are sporadic at best. my life is currently filled with a lot of appointments to ensure my kidney remains healthy. it is doing well it is the closest match I could ask for without it being my own. thank you in advance for your support kindness and understanding during this time of transition in my life.

this blog has always meant so much to me I write this because I love what I do I hope you all find value in it and enjoy reading my musings about life as much as I like writing them if you want to learn more about my story leave your questions in the comments and I may answer your questions in future blog posts

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