physical balance and cerebral palsy

Physical balance is a challenge for most at the best of times, but for some one living with cerebral palsy it is an ongoing challenge that in some cases in never overcome.

I know for myself i literally can’t keep my balance, i have to be holding onto something or i will literally fall to the floor. Despite trying to improve this it doesnt appear to be able to improve because of the cerebral palsy

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physical balance and cerebral palsy — 2 Comments

  1. I have this saying that I weeble wobble but don’t fall down…most of the time. So my balance is off..or like if I’m in a line and its a stop and go line..that brings me off balance majorly!

  2. My life in a nutshell with CP. Laura, this is just a guess but if your stroke was in the same spot as the CP I imagine that makes the balance even more off. The people I know with strokes have balance issues even without it effecting the balance part of the brain directly. The balance can be improved actually, but it took me about 15 years to improve it LOL.

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