Things to do when you when your child is struggling to get their educational needs met

as a student it felt like at times i was swimming upstream against a current of misunderstanding from the educational system struggling to create understanding. Well meaning people who didnt understand basic things that impacted me because of the cerebral palsy.

An example of this is one teacher who thought it was resonable to expect me to keep my work surface in the classroom clean and although this was a realistic expectation in order to make that happen it required holes to be punched in class notes and filed into binders

the problem was the layout of the classroom meant that the hole punch was out of my reach.

For me the student this created a mountain of stress and led to me giving up on the idea of keeping my space clean as i was discouraged by the very idea as it was simply overwhelming

The solution was simple but because of the forest i couldn’t see the trees the solution was simply to move the hole punch closer to my desk this prevented many of the dropped papers from attempting from carrying them across the room through a sea of desks to the whole punch

This blog posts just outlined one small thing that could be causing stress for your kid the answer may be easier than you think just see if its something small that can make a world of difference

what has been a time in your life where a simple misunderstanding created a problem that was easily solved

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