how to think outside the box to find fun activities for kids with cerebral palsy?

I don’t know if it’s me, or if others feel this way too. But, I feel like society’s perception is that people with disabilities can’t have fun!. why is this a thing in peoples heads I will never know in this post I want to discuss a few things to remember when you have a child in your life with cerebral palsy

it is important to remember as teachers and parents that despite having a disability like cerebral palsy that these children are just that children they may just get around differently

I feel the need to say this to say this and I feel like it shouldnt but well meaning adults would try and encourage my peers and classmates to spend time with me i am not sure how nessary this arrangement was because when i was older and didnt have others helping i still managed to make friends that being said I do see huge value in educating kids about disabilities kids are resourceful and left to their own devices will find ways to include kids with disabilities if they have understood the best approach I have seen is to arm the child with cerebral palsy with age appriote information that allows there peers to ask questions and have the answer come directly from them trust me when I say this will work wonders for bridging the social gap

the point I am trying to make is let the kids be kids and make minor adjustments such as moving the fun from the floor to table to include everyone

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