living with cerebral palsy


I have spent a while figuring out how to write this blog post, as lately I have been asked various questions about what living with cerebral palsy is like and although I see and value the importance of such a topic it left me with some unique challenges. I am going to do my best to explain some of these challenges throughout this post

no cookie cutter answer

I wish I could give a straight concrete answer. You know a one size fits all kind of scenario but the reality is that there is no such answer.   The reality is, cerebral palsy is an umbrella term that denotes a group of factors that make up cerebral palsy there are different types also.

everyone’s experience is different

Even if two people have the same type of cerebral palsy may be affected differently.   The reality you will live a life of difference especially if your mobility is drastically challenged. A difference does not always  mean it’s always a negative thing, the wheelchair has offered me unique experiences that I feel I wouldn’t have had without being a part of the disability community

I want you all to remember that people with cerebral palsy, is all we have ever known.  As I am writing this I am struggling to describe what it is like to live with it as it is all I have ever known.

So I end this with if you have any questions I will answer them just leave them in the comments




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