My thoughts on finding physical balance

A woman walking on a tightrope high up in the Yosemite ValleyI wrote a pithy post that surprised me with its response. It was a post about physical balance and what I did not realize that I have more to say on this topic this is why I didn’t write individual comments back

First I would like to say that it never occurred to me when writing the first post how much my readers actually pay attention to the details shared in my blog

My objective in writing this blog is to create a share and explore ideas together and learn from others experiences as it pertains to life with a disability

The comments from my readers left me with quite a bit to ponder. They left asking questions of me, which I want to address now.

Yes, my balance is off in a physical sense because of the cerebral palsy and probably because of the stroke and honestly some of it has to do with my own beliefs in myself and trusting that my body can still do what it did before.

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