staying positive even through the dark moments of life

Do you find yourself envious of others who seem to have everything going for them when your world Maybe literally or figuratively crashing down around you? despite the difficulties you may be facing, staying positive is imperative. In preparing for this blog post I came across this article that I think is worth reading. In the article, the researchers explore how positive and negative emotions Impact our everyday lives.

Having entered a new phase of my life with restored health I knew it was not only important for me to take care of my physical health but also my emotional health leaving me sleeping better and less anxious. So you may be wondering what I am doing?
A week after being home from the hospital post-transplant i began journaling this had been something I had done off and on for about four years but I needed a space in the early days after transplant to process my emotions in regards to all that had just happened and so I started writing just in a generic lined notebook once a day it’s often the way I start my day, I start each entry writing the date and time and recently I have started adding a positive quote to the beginning of each entry. The quote doesn’t have to relate to what I am writing about it just has to be positive
It should be noted that you can journal digitally I have done both over the years but after one too many computer crashes, I am much more at peace with the idea of pen to paper I have done this daily since July without missing a day it is something I really enjoy
I have always enjoyed books from childhood and well into college my mother read to me every night and even in post-secondary she would read my texts allowed, why because I am an auditory learner now I get audiobooks from the library or Audible i can read I just find it a faster and more enjoyable to listen too.
Other things I enjoy doing that come to mind is puzzles like jigsaws I own some or people have given them to me and I will do one from time to time the only downfall is I hate stopping in the middle I think I need to get myself one of those puzzle mats or something
It’s important to remember to nurture all areas of your being not just your physical health I would love to know in the comments below what’s one thing you do to stay positive in your life?

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