creative ways to exercise when you have a physical disability

I was in awe when I realized how little information about exercising there was in the medical world. When it comes to folks like myself, who have a physical disability. For me, this all came to light, when I recovered from my kidney transplant. I was aware that I would have to blaze my path. With guidance from my medical team and my knowledge of my disability, I came up with the solution. The solution is becoming something that I enjoy. I will be honest that enjoyment thing was not an overnight thing at least for me.

The Importance of Exercise

I knew I wanted a way to workout at home. I am the type of person that if the activity requires me to go out of the house many times a week to exercise. Let’s face it I would not do it. If it is something like swimming or horseback riding which I love, that would be a different story. i like things does not feel like exercise At the time I was not allowed to swim or horseback ride.

Not Mainstream Knowledge

My solution came in the in the form of hand cycling and free weights. It allows me to do the exercises that create balance of strength and cardio in the comfort of my home. I like the hand cycle I own as it allows me to work both my arms and legs. I love the tools I use so much that I want to share them with you. The links I am sharing with the products are affiliates. The hand cycle and the free weights are what I use.


In conclusion, this is my favourite way to exercise in my home.

Call to Action

What is your favourite form of exercise and do you prefer to workout at home or at a gym?

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