What advice would you give to a parent with a special needs child?

I want to start by saying being a special needs parent has its own unique challenges and in this post, i want to 0offer some advice, but I must start by stating I am not a parent but I am an adult with cerebral palsy myself who obviously was once a child with it.

From coping to thriving

For clarity sake, I want to clear up some terms according to dictionary.com
(of a person) deal effectively with something difficult.
“his ability to cope with stress”
(of a child, animal, or plant) grow or develop well or vigorously.
“the new baby thrived”

special needs parenting from coping to thriving together

I think when you get a diagnosis and a label it quickly changes you and frankly scares you. This is a moment where you literally have a choice to make as to how your going to handle things
you can either give up, on each other or stand strong in a unified front for the sake of your child and frankly your relationship

statistically speaking, there is a higher rate of divorce among special needs parents. this article backs that up and for those of you wondering I am not a child of divorce my parents have been married for overĀ  40 years
It’s important to remember to take time for your relationship and seek support of others
Do you have tips feel free to share them in the comments below?

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