What advice would you give to a teen with a special needs?

Do you remember your teen years? In this post, I explore some advice I would offer the teens of today that would have been helpful when I was their age. Remember you are not alone, if you are feeling alone, a good place to start is to use the internet to build community. I need to say this, for the safety of my readers, as the topic of this post focuses on a teenage audience. I need to stress, practicing internet safety.


For the sake of talking about goals, I have chosen to focus on the universal subject of education.

High school

In its simplest form, making your first goal a basic one, like finishing high school. Working on a basic goal like graduating high school will help. This will open the door, for one of two pathways going forward. Finishing high school will open many doors to your future. It will offer many options, about what pathways are available to you. and allow you freedoms, and possibilities now and in future.

Post secondary

College or University can lead to a lifelong career in your chosen field


Employment, or finding a job, it will lead to one of two things. it could  either lead to the end of the road or be a bridge on the path leading to post-secondary education


In conclusion, what advice would you offer teens with special needs?

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What advice would you give to a teen with a special needs? — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Laura,
    I would say to teens: find mentors with disabilities as role models that you meet in real life if possible. Let mentors show you how they adapt and learn from mistakes. Remember that you are still young and can become a better person as you get older.

    On a side note, I made a new film about college experiences with disability here http://cripvideoproductions.com/astrokeofendurance.php and I am having a new film screening here http://cripvideoproductions.com/screenings.php

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