What are the best and most unique mobility aids for a child with cerebral palsy?

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The question was posed to me, what is the best Mobility aids for a child with Cerebral Palsy.  I’ve pondered this question for a while now, struggling to come up with a concrete answer; because the reality is simply that, this is a  case where it is not a simple one size fits all answer.

It is important, to consider the age of the child and their current mobility limitations and for that matter needs. in order, to set realistic expectations. With that caveat in mind, I’m going to suggest some perhaps unconventional ideas. I’m going to take the liberty and skip over the mobility aids that are commonly recommended by therapists in this post and give you a few more creative suggestions that I’ve come across over the years.

I find a bed rail helpful when changing position in bed, it can be helpful when changing positions in terms of rolling over or when getting into or out of bed it’s immensely helpful when trying to sit up or lay down in a controlled manner without feeling like your flopping onto your pillow with no restraint.

The Superpole was a new tool to me and I will be honest when I say it is not the most attractive device but wow it’s amazing.  For those of you, who, like me were unfamiliar with it, allow me to describe it for you.it’s a tension rod that runs floor to ceiling I have an additional attachment (which appears to be part of the bundle on Amazon) that adds a grab bar to the main Superpole helping me to transfer from my wheelchair to my bed and back again and the best part is its solid yet removable and doesn’t need to be near a wall to be installed

I have recently purchased a bed wedge, a simple hard foam that I rest my feet on during sleep.  I did this because since my kidney transplant I have this new thing, fat feet and ankles. For those of you who found this blog post by searching something kidney related rest assured it is not edema my team confirmed but I wasn’t completely convinced so went ahead and bought the pillow, and as always my team was right my feet are still fat they think it is a thing as I don’t weight bare like the average person

In my case, it hasn’t helped with the puffy feet but there has been a nice by-product of it. I wake up and my Extremities are warm, clearly, it’s helping a little bit with circulation. mind you, for that matter so it was the kidney. but I don’t think every once in my life, I’ve woken up with warm feet and hands almost to the point of sweating.

I hope you have found these unconventional mobility aids helpful and perhaps it has given some food for thought in terms of thinking outside the box in terms of things that may be helpful to your or your loved ones

What do you use that may be helpful to others share in the comments below?

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