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Images on this blog are creative commons and by clicking on the link you can see the original source and licencing info where interested. my personal images will be tagged as lifeofthedifferentlyabled and ARE NOT creative commons PLEASE DO NOT USE WITHOUT MY WRITTEN PERMISSION

thank you

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  1. Aya says:

    Hello Laura,

    while i was doing some research for my thesis i ran into your blog, i really have enjoyed reading your blog, it seems that you have done very well for yourself, it’s very admirable and courageous of you. I’m doing my bachelor thesis about eating utensils for CP, i read one entries from your blog which were very helpful for me to understand more about CP daily dilemmas and hand function. i was wondering if you may agree on letting me use your blog as a reference in my thesis research, this would really help me greatly. you are really doing a great job by sharing your experiences with other people, it’s really brave of you.

    Best Regards,
    Aya Elsify

  2. Wendy Mathews says:

    I just happen to come across your website tonight 4/13/2013. Wow its amazing you have the strength I wish I had to get through my issues. The only thing is I don’t have CP, I have severe depression, anxiety and I am bipolar. I feel as empty as the Tin Man on the Wizard of Oz (LOL). Anyway I was just wondering if you have anything about other disabilities besides CP. I have taken lots of meds none of them has worked much maybe have taken the edge off but I have set backs really bad days. Well enough of that. I wish I had the smarts and imagination you have in order to create such a wonderful blog. Good luck with everything and your smile makes me smile.

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