What is all about – it’s  a blog that I started about living with cerebral palsy. I started it in December 2009 because I couldn’t find anything that reflected my own experiences with cerebral palsy online so I thought the only way to make change is to create it for myself and thus this blog  was born. you can read more about me here


If you’re interested in advertising you have come to the right place! I am interested in hearing from you and what you would like to put on my site. I must be upfront though I do NOT accept link ads but anything else please feel free to contact and I do accept on either a monthly or yearly basis

Sponsored Material and Affiliations

Please be advised that if you wished to have a sponsored post on my site I will only do so if I am allowed to declare that this is a sponsored post, link etc.  If you see a problem with this please look elsewhere.

About this blogs audience

According to stats from my readers are:

  • mainly female (61%)
  • between the ages of 35-44

Some more number crunching

looking at 2012 alone I’ve had (these numbers according to Google Analytics depict from January 1 2012 – December 31 2012)

  • Total number of visits 21,073
  • number of first time visitors 16,918
  • average number of pages seen per visit 1.94
  • Avg.Visit Duration: 00:01:59

I am excited to work with you also if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact 

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