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happy ten years

why I started this blog  I started this blog back in 2009 because I didn’t see myself represented online. 10 years ago today I wrote the first blog post. It is still available here if you want to read it.,I … Continue reading

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planning for summer

seeking guest blog posts for more info please email me at lifeofthedifferentlyabled@gmail.covgum if you like my content why not help me out by joining my mailing list its free

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how to be consistant and not burn out as a blogger

are you looking to blog or start a youtube channel or some other means of working online as a means to bring in some extra cash? I want to tell you I have some ideas but it doesn’t come without … Continue reading

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When time starts to slip away 

I’ve been blogging pretty regularly for a couple of years: actually almost a decade. My consistency is not his regular and I would like to think it is. But i think i found the tools to keep consistent what have … Continue reading

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Here’s a simple computer trick to help you be a faster typer and more productive

I have been blogging for a while, and honestly, it can be time consuming, but it’s something I truly love. I am always inspired by your friendly comments and emails, it keeps me motivated knowing that I am helping others, … Continue reading

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you asked how i blog

I’ve had a lot of questions recently, about how I blog. And at first I thought this was a strange question, but I do my best answer your readers questions as they come in. I’m not really sure what the … Continue reading

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blogging really helps me because it passes the time these days

I can’t really remember if problogger was the first actual blog I knew of as a blog but I will tell you that problogger was the first blog that made me realize I could use the internet to express myself. … Continue reading

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finding nemo: being a little fish in the big blogging ocean

You know when your excited about something, and you want to reach that goal that you have set your mind to? when I started blogging years ago my goal was to get on Problogger. When I first had a clue … Continue reading

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2 reasons working online is like winning a jackpot for people with disabilities

After working online for almost 6 years I have learned a lot of things not just about the crafting of blogging or about video production. What I learned was the social benefits of blogging. As someone who has had to … Continue reading

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Why blogging became a game changer for people with disabilities

When I first began blogging, I didn’t know a thing about my craft, in fact everything I learned I learned from other bloggers. Bloggers who had come before me and in some cases were making a living by doing what … Continue reading

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