physical balance and cerebral palsy

Physical balance is a challenge for most at the best of times, but for some one living with cerebral palsy it is an ongoing challenge that in some cases in never overcome. I know for myself i literally can’t keep … Continue reading

Things to do when you when your child is struggling to get their educational needs met

as a student it felt like at times i was swimming upstream against a current of misunderstanding from the educational system struggling to create understanding. Well meaning people who didnt understand basic things that impacted me because of the cerebral … Continue reading

how to help children with communication disabilities break down barriers

I think as a person with a disability, we have an innate ability to learn to adapt.  I think we don’t even realize that we adopt in the process of living with a  complex disability such as cerebral palsy. I … Continue reading

how common is cerebral palsy

Since I been blogging I get asked a lot of the same questions over and over and over again. And it occurred to me that I don’t think I have ever answer this question because its not something that has … Continue reading

Spasticity; my love hate relationship with it

Spasticity is a common thing for people with cerebral palsy, everyone with cerebral palsy is impacted differently, even if the diagnosis is the same. It is described as tight muscles which would make sense, because the vast majority of us … Continue reading