living with cerebral palsy

  I have spent a while figuring out how to write this blog post, as lately I have been asked various questions about what living with cerebral palsy is like and although I see and value the importance of such … Continue reading

The Art of learning to run when you can’t walk

It never occurred to that my wheelchair would make me seem different to my peers until I started school I remember as a child, asking my mother why I couldn’t run. Looking back, this seems funny to my adult brain. … Continue reading

staying positive even through the dark moments of life

Do you find yourself envious of others who seem to have everything going for them when your world Maybe literally or figuratively crashing down around you? despite the difficulties you may be facing, staying positive is imperative. In preparing for … Continue reading

This ProBlogger is back to the land of the living in cyberspace

Hi guys, I’m back! I’m not even sure what to say so I guess I’ll start with a simple thank you to those of you that have stopped by this blog despite along unintentional absence due to my health issues. … Continue reading

Things to do when you when your child is struggling to get their educational needs met

as a student it felt like at times i was swimming upstream against a current of misunderstanding from the educational system struggling to create understanding. Well meaning people who didnt understand basic things that impacted me because of the cerebral … Continue reading