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Things to do when you when your child feels excluded

I think with a disability or not its safe to say that we have all felt moments of exclusion through out our lives.I think that that is in part more obvious when you have a physical disability and sure it … Continue reading

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making any kitchen more accessible

Here are a few items that I love if you like my content why not help me out by joining my mailing list its free

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being creative helps you learn to adapt

I like to think I am a creative person, do you? I honestly never thought of myself as a creative person until i started the blog. I think before I began blogging I think of creative to mean in a … Continue reading

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dealing with cooler weather when you have cerebral palsy

Its certainly autumn weather now the temperatures are dropping and the leaves are changing color and frankly my muscles are noticing. If you are anything like me, the cooler the weather the more uncomfortable. This then leads to tighter muscles … Continue reading

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Transitioning to adulthood

Transitioning to adulthood is a challenge for anyone but i think there is an added facet when you have a disability especially when you rely on personal support workers to help you through out the day. if you like my … Continue reading

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3 magical study tips that save time and help you remember what you learned

Now that most of you were in the throes of getting ready to go back to school, I thought I would do this post with things I found useful in terms of how to study over the years. if you … Continue reading

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staying positive

Since I have been sick with kidney failure, it has been vital to my well being to stay positive. I have been asked a lot how I cope with such a catastrophic thing happening in my life. This doesn’t have … Continue reading

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Spasticity; my love hate relationship with it

Spasticity is a common thing for people with cerebral palsy, everyone with cerebral palsy is impacted differently, even if the diagnosis is the same. It is described as tight muscles which would make sense, because the vast majority of us … Continue reading

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how to sleep comfortably with cerebral palsy

I don’t know about you, but I struggle sleeping sometimes. Right now as I recover from abdominal surgery sleeping can be a struggle  Spasticity and cerebral palsy at its best is a challenge I don’t necessarily have any answers, but … Continue reading

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2 reasons working online is like winning a jackpot for people with disabilities

After working online for almost 6 years I have learned a lot of things not just about the crafting of blogging or about video production. What I learned was the social benefits of blogging. As someone who has had to … Continue reading

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