the lesson I learned in california

I have to admit I have fallen off the blogging band wagon so to speak. I am thankful to my faithful readers who so diligently return and expect the fresh and engaging content that I am so known for. Returning from LA to the cold we are known for here in Canada I have to say this drastic and quick transition didn’t take too kindly on my tight muscles.

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ideas for Halloween Costumes

here is some Halloween costume ideas all links in this post are affiliate links




Accessible Tourism California: Venice Beach and Hollywood

The last two stops on our sightseeing of Los Angeles, where Venice Beach and the Hollywood walk of fame. I really liked Venice Beach the atmosphere was laid-back and relaxed there was lots of artists along the boardwalk and it was the most accessible portion in terms of sightseeing on our trip. The Hollywood walk of fame, is self-explanatory into the strip where the celebrities have their name put onto a star.

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Accessible Tourism California: Santa Monica

I was recently in Los Angeles, California for YouTube conference. I took a couple days either side of the conference to do some sightseeing around the area. I have to say I was vastly impressed by the accessibility of the Southern California. I usually go into situations like this hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. This is because all too often places claim to be accessible, but the reality is that accessibility is simply mediocre. Continue reading

how to direct attendants that don’t know how to cook

One thing that frustrates me is having attendants that don’t know how to cook, well that isn’t exactly true, I enjoy the challenge of giving direction when they can’t cook.  It is annoying that when these attendants go through their college courses to become a personal support worker they learn how to cook special diets but don’t know how to cook the basics.

autoblogging apps for the blogger.

My recent trip to the dentist

Recently I went to the dentist and learned something about cerebral palsy that never occurred to me. The dental hygienist commented that if she gives me short breaks during the cleaning it goes by faster and she is actually able to do a better job. Continue reading

understanding someone who is non verbal

Imagine you can’t speak or if you do have a few word communication is a slow and frustrating process of people abruptly ending talking to you or perhaps not engaging in conversation at all. Continue reading