The impact of cerebral palsy on the brain

I think it is interesting to see how people relate and make sense of things they don’t understand. I grew up with the knowledge of my cerebral palsy. Continue reading

is clothing and shoe shopping a challenge for you?

I don’t know if I am weird, but I truly hate clothes shopping things I like don’t always work because my range of motion makes putting on clothes a challenge. The same is true with me and shoes because  thanks to cerebral palsy I cannot point my toe if my life depended on it. This makes shopping for clothing more of a chore than it is enjoyable. Continue reading

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how do you spend the last days of summer

350px On the beach at Housel Bay   735648 how do you spend the last days of summer

English: On the beach at Housel Bay On one of the few nice days in the summer of 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How do you spend the last days of summer? For some it may be long nights at the side of a campfire for others it may be spending time at the at the beach or with family. No matter the way you choose to spend your time I think it is true that for a lot of folks’ summer is their favorite time of year. Continue reading

Mobility Devices and the Social Impact of Using One

When I think of myself, I don’t think of my disability first and foremost. Sure, I’ve used an array of mobility equipment over the years, but I only see the mobility devices as a means of transportation. However, there seems to be much social stigma about disability in young people. I wish that people would see my wheelchair much like I do, simply as my way to get around. But, there seems to be this notion that I have a cognitive impairment to go along with my physical limitations. As much is in some cases this could be true, in many it is not, and I feel that this is a barrier to meaningful social interactions for people with disabilities. Continue reading

How to become a personal support worker

While looking for something to blog about today I found a question that I had neglected the answer from a while ago. The question was simply how do I become a personal support worker. This role is known by a few different terms, depending on where you live. I have seen: personal support worker, personal care attendant, or carer. I will refer to it as personal care attendant or attendant simply because that is what I use in everyday language so I will use that through out this blog post. Continue reading

dreaming of an accessible house

A few months ago, I came across an article that has forever changed my thoughts on accessible housing.

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The planet's very best autoblogging application.

talk it app

Last week I was approached by a start up company that truly caught my attention. They are developing a product that in my opinion could change communication for people with speech difficulties.
The co-founders realized a need of making communication easier and the concept was born. I think its best if I show you a demonstration

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how to help a child with cerebral palsy

The most asked question I get from my readers is: how to help a child with cerebral palsy? This question is admittedly frustrating  to me because I want to respond with something like help with them with what? So my answer to this question is this: Continue reading