Writers block please help

When I look back at this blogging journey I want to say thank you to for all for your loyal support. I have a favour to ask… I am suffering from a bad case of writers block lately and would love some things that you are struggling with because I can tell you I am sure others are too! Let me know in the comments below and lets get me out of this slump Thanks in advance

Making the Big Picture More Manageable

One’s beliefs and self-doubts can either inspire or inhibit them. Recently, I was reading a blog post posted on JohnChow.com. The post talked about the concept of thinking big. I am probably the first to admit that when looking at something I see the negatives before the positives. In other words, I think of what could go wrong before I’ve even tried and therefore had set myself up to fail before I’ve even started. Continue reading

Understanding Cerebral Palsy: What Startle Reflex Really Means

.You know when a sudden noise causes an infant to jump out of their skin? That is moro reflex. This, as I understand it is a reflex that is normally lost as children grow, but this is a reflex that is not lost in child and adults with cerebral palsy. Continue reading