understanding someone who is non verbal

Imagine you can’t speak or if you do have a few word communication is a slow and frustrating process of people abruptly ending talking to you or perhaps not engaging in conversation at all. Continue reading

standing up against Kanye West

In case you haven’t heard there was an embarrassing scene at one of Kanye West’s recent concerts. The crowd of concert goers was demanded to stand up in order for the concert to proceed. That is when the artist noted a few people not obliging his request and drew unnecessary attention to these poor folk who like everyone else were simply trying to enjoy the concert. He stopped the concert and demanded they stand up, with little regard for why they may not be. One of the singled out spectators was reported to have waved a prosthetic leg the other was confirmed by a bodyguard to be in a wheelchair. Continue reading

parenting a child with special needs a guide from a special needs adult

Although I am not a parent I feel I have a unique perspective on the world of special needs children being that I have cerebral palsy myself.
Simply put treat your child as you would treat any other child, allow them to show you what they are capable of. I know for myself it is far easier to ask for help from others for things that I am perfectly capable of doing for myself. They will truly amaze you!

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is clothing and shoe shopping a challenge for you?

I don’t know if I am weird, but I truly hate clothes shopping things I like don’t always work because my range of motion makes putting on clothes a challenge. The same is true with me and shoes because  thanks to cerebral palsy I cannot point my toe if my life depended on it. This makes shopping for clothing more of a chore than it is enjoyable. Continue reading

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how do you spend the last days of summer

350px On the beach at Housel Bay   geograph.org.uk   735648 how do you spend the last days of summer

English: On the beach at Housel Bay On one of the few nice days in the summer of 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How do you spend the last days of summer? For some it may be long nights at the side of a campfire for others it may be spending time at the at the beach or with family. No matter the way you choose to spend your time I think it is true that for a lot of folks’ summer is their favorite time of year. Continue reading

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Mobility Devices and the Social Impact of Using One

When I think of myself, I don’t think of my disability first and foremost. Sure, I’ve used an array of mobility equipment over the years, but I only see the mobility devices as a means of transportation. However, there seems to be much social stigma about disability in young people. I wish that people would see my wheelchair much like I do, simply as my way to get around. But, there seems to be this notion that I have a cognitive impairment to go along with my physical limitations. As much is in some cases this could be true, in many it is not, and I feel that this is a barrier to meaningful social interactions for people with disabilities. Continue reading

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How to become a personal support worker

While looking for something to blog about today I found a question that I had neglected the answer from a while ago. The question was simply how do I become a personal support worker. This role is known by a few different terms, depending on where you live. I have seen: personal support worker, personal care attendant, or carer. I will refer to it as personal care attendant or attendant simply because that is what I use in everyday language so I will use that through out this blog post. Continue reading

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