self doubt and confidence: life with a disability

I have been thinking a lot about self doubt and confidence issues as it relates to one’s perception of self. I have written a lot about how tasks in life when you have cerebral palsy take far longer than for the average person and I think it is interesting to reflect on how that can impact on your sense of self confidence when you have a physical disability.

Because it takes so much time to complete tasks, it was somewhat common place to have people do things for you, things that you yourself are very capable of doing, but because time is in limited supply and it is simply faster to have assistance that is often the easiest answer.

My question then becomes does having help all the time lead to feelings of self doubt and a lack of confidence in yourself? Especially since moving out, I feel I have learned to strike a healthy  balance of having help, in the form of personal care attendants while at the same time feeling and finding a sense of independence within myself.

I feel more independent now with attendants than I did without them. They help me with things that probably with a little ingenuity on my part I could figure out how to accomplish on my own, but the point is cerebral palsy takes a lot more energy to do simple things (even sitting) because my muscles are tighter than the norm. Having attendants works well for me because it allows me to save some of my energy daily to do things I actually enjoy doing.

social isolation because of childhood disability and my experience with it

Although I can only write to my own experiences I have a lot to say, especially on the subject of social isolation.  I think that they’re a lot of misconception regarding social isolation and disability. I think there are a few reasons why social isolation occurs in children with physical disabilities. For the sake of this post I am going to speak about childhood and physical disabilities as it is what I have the most first hand experience with. Continue reading

the different looks of independence

What does independence really means to you? Recently, I have been doing a lot of thinking on this subject as I talk to friends who are in various stages of this facet of their lives. I was the first of my friends to move out, so it is neat to watch them as they work through this transitional phase and enter the new chapter of their lives. Continue reading

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understanding my sensitive feet

I was asked to write on the topic of shoes, and thought it would be beneficial to write about this at this time of year because, well sandals at one time were a difficult piece of footwear for my cerebral palsy compromised feet. Continue reading

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Enjoying my favourite parts of summer

579946299 add753ce8e n Enjoying my favourite parts of summer

summer freshness! (Photo credit: Axel-D)

Thanks for sticking with me while I took a break from the blog for July. It got me thinking about summer in general, and summers past more accurately. So I am curious some of your favorite ways to spend your summer.
• Relaxing
• Reconnecting with friends
• Making new friends
• Enjoying the summer weather
• Enjoying the foods of summer
What is your favourite part of summer


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blogging rut and some things to take note of

hi all i guess because its summer I am in a bit of a blogging rut so if there is any topics you would like me to cover please comment

also please note my youtube channel is now updated every friday this is a stride that is more managable

one final note if you want to start a blog of your own i can help i have started

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the seasons of cerebral palsy

I know that cerebral palsy effects everyone differently. But even for myself there are different effects of cerebral palsy. Allow me to explain, every day is a new one and thus the impact of cerebral palsy changes from day to day also, at least for me.
Every day is different for me in terms of cerebral palsy. My muscles react differently to the changes in climates.

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The three things of today that have created change in my world

When writing this post the song lyrics for Today I’m Gonna Try and change The World’ by Johnny Reid is playing through my head. Why? Well, because honestly, I have seen a lot of change in the almost 30 years of my life changes that have changed my outlook on my disability and society’s ideas. Continue reading

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