How the digital age helps people with disabilities

There was a time in history when people with physical disabilities lived a life shut out from society . I’m happy to have grown up in the digital age where regardless of physical limitations beyond my control such as weather doesn’t impact my social interactions, but rather the means in which I engage has changed over the years.

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What I want you to know about what keeps me blogging

I get asked all the time how I come up with my ideas for this blog, I could come up with a glorified answer about feeling a sense of obligation to give the voiceless with cerebral palsy a voice, which for the record is true but the simple answer I love to write. Continue reading

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why i love my ti lite wheelchair

I got my first wheelchair when I was three years old and although I don’t remember life pre wheelchair days I am sure involved my parents carrying me around everywhere. I have had several, like 8 to ten wheelchairs since then, the last of which was from the-lite. Continue reading

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the lesson I learned in california

I have to admit I have fallen off the blogging band wagon so to speak. I am thankful to my faithful readers who so diligently return and expect the fresh and engaging content that I am so known for. Returning from LA to the cold we are known for here in Canada I have to say this drastic and quick transition didn’t take too kindly on my tight muscles.

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Accessible Tourism California: Venice Beach and Hollywood

The last two stops on our sightseeing of Los Angeles, where Venice Beach and the Hollywood walk of fame. I really liked Venice Beach the atmosphere was laid-back and relaxed there was lots of artists along the boardwalk and it was the most accessible portion in terms of sightseeing on our trip. The Hollywood walk of fame, is self-explanatory into the strip where the celebrities have their name put onto a star.

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Accessible Tourism California: Santa Monica

I was recently in Los Angeles, California for YouTube conference. I took a couple days either side of the conference to do some sightseeing around the area. I have to say I was vastly impressed by the accessibility of the Southern California. I usually go into situations like this hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. This is because all too often places claim to be accessible, but the reality is that accessibility is simply mediocre. Continue reading

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