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I am simply sick of snow

350px WheelchairSeatingNTSB I am simply sick of snow

Wheelchair seating in a theater (i.e. giving a dedicated, convenient space left free for a user to position his own wheelchair in the cinema). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With six more weeks of winter, I can’t help but start to think of the warmer days of summer. But then it occurred to me that many of us, like myself find the beach a challenge to access – especially when a wheelchair is involved. Continue reading

Cerebral palsy and school at a glance book launch

ebook cover Cerebral palsy and school at a glance book launch

Want an idea of what to expect for your child socially in school?

Gaining knowledge from others who have been through something similar is always helpful to learn from. I hope this ebook makes the social aspects of school a little easier for those you care about.

The key things you will learn from this e-book are:

  • The social impact of disability
  • How to explain cerebral palsy to your child and their peers
  • How to find an advocate for your child
  •   How to teach your child to advocate for themselves

who is this book for?

  • anyone with cerebral palsy
  • anyone who has a family member with cerebral palsy
  • anyone looking to learn about cerebral palsy

What format is it in?

  • epub
  • pdf

Are you ready to buy?

(all of the sales are processed through paypal)

Click here to buy

Removing Can’t from Your Vocabulary

I have had a lot of questions lately regarding what children with cerebral palsy are capable of. The truth is, everyone is different and therefore every situation is unique. I always like to celebrate the small things, be it professionally or personally. Last week, I wrote a post that taking risks.
I feel like you don’t know what you are capable of until you try. Continue reading