Freedom and Independace: Staying on My Own

300px Moor Green   214626 Freedom and Independace: Staying on My Own

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So for the last two weeks of July, since before I was born that has been the time that my parents have chosen to take their vacation in the summer. Until this year, I would travel with them to spend two weeks with my grandmothers.

This year has been different in many respects for me, I did not travel with them for Christmas to the same destination is spoken above, instead I chose to stay home sharing Christmas with a friend. When summer holidays rolled around this year, I again opted to stay home.

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Where The Chickadees Eat

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I don’t know what grade I was in, if memory serves me correctly it was elementary school; my class had taken a trip to an outdoor education centre.  I had a team with me and as they knew that there was a possibility my chair would get stuck in the snow despite using a all=terrain wheelchair. I didn’t get stuck. Continue reading

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Choir Practice Gone Wrong

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When I was in high school I joined the choir, I attended practice every time; on Monday and Wednesday. Practice was at 6:45am this meant I was up at 5:30am anyone who knows me well, knows that I am not a morning person to say the least! Continue reading

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My Responsibility As A Blogger

When I began this blog I did it out of boredom. I did it out of personal need; and I did it out of a want I had, that want was to shape a community. I was unsatisfied in finding someone similar in age with cerebral palsy that blogged that proved impossible.

I felt that there were a lot of parents of children in various age brackets that were blogging and that my story could be a voice, maybe even a strong one to give them a sense of what the future may hold.  I had no idea that it would sky-rocket into what it is today. I have a set of core beliefs that I try to infuse each post with honesty and integrity. Continue reading

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Nintendo Wii and Cerebral Palsy

300px PIC 0319 Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii and Cerebral Palsy

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The Nintendo Wii (affiliate link) is not only for entertainment but it has other value too.I was naïve to think that playing was not a workout.[pullquote] I bought the Nintendo Wii as a birthday present to myself [/pullquote]In my opinion the benefits of it shocked me.  Continue reading

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The Attendant Caregiver Relationship

 The Attendant Caregiver Relationship

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This post comes from a twitter follower who to paraphrase his question wants to know how I manage life with personal care attendants. I am now in a time of transition so consider this an introduction to a series that will take place over the next few months. Continue reading

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