waiting on the world

300px Wheel Trans Bus 9800 waiting on the world

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I am feeling trapped in this body. I get a little cabin fever in the summer with grandiose plans to do this that seem out of reach such as the Vancouver trip.  I am frustrated by my peers who take for granted the luxury of having mom and dads car or as I have  gotten their own cars and this physical freedom.  Continue reading

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From Turtle To Bufferfly: The Good Thing That Came Out Of Job Loss For Me

“When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”  -Alexander Graham Bell

In November 2009 I just lost a job, was humiliated by the notion that I had failed at the very thing I’d spent two years of my academic career working towards.  I was basically at a point in my life where despair had set in. Continue reading

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Weekend In Paradise? I wish

300px Vancouver ib Weekend In Paradise? I wish
View on Vancouver Image by Thom Quine via Wikipedia

I feel like a caged bird, I have lived in the same small city my entire life.  I haven’t seen anything of the country outside of the province for which I live, and parts of the US.  I am dying to see more parts of this vast world for which all humans live. Continue reading

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One Solution To Make Your Backyard Pool Accessible

300px Private Swimming Pool One Solution To Make Your Backyard Pool Accessible

Image by Alexisrael via Wikipedia

We have a heat wave, what else is new?  It is not just hot; our climate offers the pleasantries of humidity also.  Continue reading

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Controlling Our Virtual World

300px Compaq keyboard and mouse Controlling Our Virtual World

Image by Leonid Mamchenkov via Wikipedia

It occurred to me how much we take the traditional forms of computing: the mouse and keyboard. When I was playing Sims 3 an entirely mouse-based game, I wondered how someone who used adaptive overlay for mouse control. Continue reading

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Fashionably Disabled

Do you find that your disability limits your choices in clothing? Do you find that sitting down limits what you can wear especially when it comes to formal wear that again you are limited by the choice unless you want your dress or skirt bunching up? Not my idea of fun. Izzy Camilleri.is the visionary behind a line of clothing that strive to overcome these barriers.

Recently, the clothing line opened a store in Toronto Ontario Canada I have yet to see this line in person Izzy was in my home town but I had the date wrong so I missed the event

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Accessible Vacation Homes

3486800934 f42848a145 m Accessible Vacation Homes

Image by Discount Vacation Rentals Online via Flickr

When I think of vacation homes immediately the movie The Holiday with Cameron Diaz comes to mind. The movie talks about the premise of my post. Continue reading

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