Deciding what you want and going for it

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When I was a kid the local wheelchair basketball team had an activity day, I attended and loved it so much that I begged my occupational therapist to go again so much that I managed at the ripe old age of five to convince them to lower the program age range from eight to five.  Continue reading

In conversation with Mack: dating, relationships and cerebral palsy

Last night I had a chat with my new friend Mack who writes the blog Letters to Morgan. Perhaps because it is valentine’s week, we got on the topic of dating and relationships and cerebral palsy.  This time isn’t something I am totally comfortable in writing but here goes.  Continue reading

Making Changes Towards Inclusion

It has taken a long time but Laura is finally getting an understanding of her worth.  For her whole life her dad and I have had our hearts broken often when we watched Laura being left on the edge of things.  She has not often been on an equal footing with her peers.  As a little one I remember getting her ready to go and join the neighbourhood children who were all out in front of our house and when Laura arrived the children would switch to the backyard and she could not get to that space.  It broke our hearts.  Our lovely little girl was not included with the rest of the gang and yes, that time it was purposeful but that is what kids do.  You cannot make children play with and include others.  That job was up to Laura.  She had to make people want to be with her. Continue reading