kids always say what they want to

For your child when did they come to realize they were perceived as different? For me, I think I first came to know I was different really was when I first entered the mainstream school setting. Don’t get me wrong, Continue reading

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Appointments with dignity

“I was wondering if you could open a discussion on how people in wheelchairs handle going to the dentist if they can’t be transferred to the dental chair? Do some use a reclining wheelchair? or have dentist’s with a large enough room to use a lift??? We need some ideas… thanks”

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Milestones: seeing change blossom before your eyes

For March blog carnival

I am not going to lie; I am not sure what to write for the blog carnival for this month. The topic is milestones and although I feel this is cheesy to do I think in writing that last paragraph I have answered my own question.
I have written a lot on this blog about the social isolation of disability. I began writing this for me and grappled with the idea of keeping my blog private and thus only allowing me to read it. Then a quick Google search changed my mind. Google revealed that there wasn’t much (if any) accounts about living with cerebral palsy from someone that has it themselves. There was numerous parental accounts but even those felt like they didn’t reflect myself nor my story. So after some days I decided that the only way to create change was to be the change I wished to see reflected online.

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Finger painting: The artistry of fine motor skills

“If I could the world just one thing it would be we’re all ok.” From the song hands by Jewel

Perhaps one of the most annoyingly frustrating parts of having cerebral palsy for me at least is that it does effect my hands. Yes for those of you reading this that no me offline this would perhaps come as a surprise because it isn’t evident in my every day movement.

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in trouble if nature calls

In looking for something to blog about today, I came across Glenda’s post about when nature says you have to go you must go. This got me to thinking, about my own anxiety of public rest rooms and before you go thinking I have some weird phobia, allow me to explain.

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a blogger with out her mircophone is like a writer without her pen

Sorry the blog has been neglected I have been annoyed and thus uninspired because I am a blogger with a microphone to me is like a writer without her pen! I am also not able to use dragon as the lack of microphone is hindering the thought process and stilting the length and the creative process as of late. Continue reading

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