the artistic side of blogging

I had no idea when I started blogging that it would mean anything to anyone, except me! As of today I have reached 3,000 hits on since November 22, (not to mention the 15,000+ hits I received in the 11 months that it wasn’t self hosted!) This post strives to outline the various impacts I have noticed in my life since I started this hobby.

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My Children Will Do it Differently: the 5 lessons I’ve learned from being a special needs child

I don’t think my mom or any mother of a ‘special needs’ child can prepare themselves for life of raising a special needs child. I am not trying to put words in anyone’s mouth but I, as that special needs child would like to share my thoughts.

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12 legs and one wheelchair

Today while looking for topics to blog about because it turned out to be a snow day and the office is closed; one which I stumbled onto was this video. It was thought provoking and got me thinking. Despite my own disability, and society’s perceived perception that one’s disability defines who we are, how do I truly define myself? Continue reading

Inspired by 65 RedRoses

The other day I met a young woman and got to talking about my blog. She then asked if I had ever heard of 65 redroses when I looked confused she went on to explain it to me. After doing some of my own research I wish to share the story from my own words. Eva Markvoort a young woman from Vancouver British Columbia Canada started a blog detailing her life with cystic fibrosis. Continue reading

childhood winter blues

So it has been a while since I have posted I find the cold seems to be effecting me physically; but then again who doesn’t feel the impact of a cold and snowy winter? Winter used to impact me a great deal more than it does now I am a child of pneumonia that with age I have seem to grow out of and although I am currently healthy and have been pneumonia free for several years now, winter reminds me to be thankful yet again for my health. Continue reading

I am featured: because yes momma knows

Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from my friend, Hanna of She has written a post that I can only aspire to, in terms of the writing quality.  It was an eloquent post about me and my blog and touched me deeply; that she would take the time and help me in any way that she could even with this gesture which I hope will help me expand my reader base. Continue reading