Some Summer Ideas For Staying Social

Keeping social can be a challenge especially for people with a visible disability.  Activities for likeminded people, be it disabled or not, can create a source for friendship and that is one of the biggest things I have seen both online and off is the loneliness faced by persons with disabilities. Continue reading

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Blogging: A Human Experience

Today, I find myself with the reality feared by many serious bloggers! My seemingly unbreakable Internet provider is down. I see this as a blessing in disguise: because it will force me to write several blog posts today. Seemingly this will be batching my post together; and making me more productive. I am not distracted by Skype, MSN, e-mail, twitter, social bookmarking sites, and all the other tools that I use online for my blog to be successful. Continue reading

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Preventing Social Isolation and Loneliness In Cerebral Palsy

In a lot of cases, disability can to no fault of its own become an extremely isolating experience. If you have been a long time reader you will realize that I have written on this topic a lot; today is no different and I write about it now because I hope to bring a new perspective to this subject.

A lot of my friends don’t like to acknowledge their cerebral palsy, I find it hard to ignore but that’s just me.I always surrounded myself with “disabled” activities. Activities that often turn into social outlets for me and others. Many of those people from such groups have remained in my life to this day.

Continue reading

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These Boots Are Made For walking

I wonder if any of you have heard of this interesting new concept called a Lokomat. it is a robotic piece of technology that allows people who currently have the inability to walk independently a chance to get back up on their feet. Continue reading

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the plight of tightness

I wish I could describe the frustrating feelings I am having lately. I feel like a caged bird restricted by tight hips. Today in preparing to get into my Kaye walker my friend who also has cerebral palsy and has master the art of putting on my shoes not an easy thing to do, we got talking with mom about me putting on my own shoes on. Continue reading

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kids always say what they want to

For your child when did they come to realize they were perceived as different? For me, I think I first came to know I was different really was when I first entered the mainstream school setting. Don’t get me wrong, Continue reading

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