Building Community Prevents Loneliness

300px Public Library No. 1 Building Community Prevents Loneliness

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I feel like I have written about this several times but for me; it is something I struggle with. So that it is why I am writing it again isolation. I decide to write this post as a companion to my earlier post

Ideas for combating the isolation

What are you interested in?

Is there an area of interest that you want to explore? Why not find a local group of people who want to explore the same interest? By joining groups and finding like-minded people you may just find more friends.  It is  as simple as finding a social group to go for coffee once a month with. Or, an organized recreational activity that meets once a week.

The online option

There is online options one that instantly comes to mind is Ability Online. is a social platform that created to fill this very need

  • Do you have any ideas or feedback in areas I may have missed?
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Making Your Website Accessible

284px Impact font.svg Making Your Website Accessible

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As my last posts spoke of general computer accessibility today’s will reflect on some thoughts about website accessibility and some things we as bloggers and web developers need to consider. Continue reading

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Tools to Make The Computer Accessible

300px QWERTY keyboard Tools to Make The Computer Accessible

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Keyboards are the transitional way we access the computer, but what if physical limitations due to disability of any sort prevented it? Continue reading

Want some a SEOPressor.

Creating a Solution to Accessing Print for All

300px Handicapped Accessible sign.svg Creating a Solution to Accessing Print for All

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This post comes on the heels of Monday’s post pertaining to barriers in literature because of disability. In this post I would like to take the time to reflect on the advancements in accessibility making print a commonplace not limited by disability.

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What Are Your Thoughts On The Portrayal of Disability in the Media?

First I would like to say thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday. The celebration continues meeting up with my family for dinner tonight.

As I type this, I am finishing getting ready to go out for dinner and then I will be home into to watch TLC summer.  That is one thing I enjoy the eclectic programming found on TLC summer’s line-up. The assortment of sometimes unique shows expands my mind and even at times my sense of social acceptance.

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