Things to do when your child is given a diagnosis

I am not a parent but I want to write about this from the perspective of the adult with the label, herself.  There seems to be a stigma within society, about having a diagnosis, of any sort. but I am … Continue reading

Feel free to ask questions about cerebral palsy

I struggle to understand why people worry that they will offend me by asking questions. Rest assured that I started this blog as a resource and I am happy to answer questions.  However if on the off chance I am … Continue reading

social inclusion for people who use partner assisted scanning

Understanding one’s need for social inclusion is something I am familiar with from my own life. But I feel like there is a added level of complexity when there is a barrier towards communication. I am the type of person … Continue reading

Partner assisted scanning

I recently was introduced to the idea of partner assisted scanning.  Having gone to easter seals camps as a teenager this is something that almost comes naturally to me. One of my closest friends from camp communicates primarily with a … Continue reading

technology that has made my life with cerebral palsy vastly easier

I grew up during the evolution of personal technology. We had our first family computer when I was a young child. I had access to a computer in the classroom in elementary school and probably before, if I really think … Continue reading

Overcoming Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is an interesting thing. I was doing some research for upcoming posts and one of the things that struck me is the idea of overcoming cerebral palsy. I am not sure if the intended meaning of that is … Continue reading

Stretch Armstrong Vs. Cerebral Palsy

I was asked yesterday by monkey boy’s mom to do my best to describe what Cerebral Palsy feels like.  She asked this, so she could try if you like my content why not help me out by joining my mailing … Continue reading